Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Housing

How do I apply for housing? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
Please see the application method and schedule page.
Please check back as we will notify you when we start accepting applications and when the schedule is updated.
What sort of costs can I expect at move-in? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
Upon move-in, we will have you pay a lump sum which will be the cleaning fee when you move out.
Costs that will occur each month are room rent, common charges, equipment rental fees (furniture, etc.), internet fees, . For more information on the amounts, please check each facilitiy's website.
For those who will make use of the parking lot, bicycle parking lot, motorbike parking lot, storage units, furniture, or other optional rentals, those fees will be collected separately each month.


Can you see the specific dimensions of the living room? Minohsemba
Please see the internal dimensions on the room information page for the school dormitory.
Minohsemba Are tours available for prospective residents?
Is possible. Please contact the Property Management Division,Department of Finance,Osaka University.
Will I be able to use the internet? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
You will have internet access in the common area and in your room.
Please note that the cost of internet access (which is mandatory) will be separate from your rent.
Is there a shared laundry? Minohsemba
There is a 24-hour laundry room (surcharge) on the ground floor with two washing machines. Detergent is not placed, so please prepare your own. Since there is no dryer, laundry will be dried in the dormitory room.

Student Dormitories

What sort of furniture is provided? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
Please refer to this page, which includes a list of items that are included as mandatory rentals.
Optional rental items are also available.
Do you offer SOGI support? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
We intend to offer personalized support on request.
Do you offer a meal plan? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
We do not offer a meal plan.
After the first round of applications has ended, will there be any additional rounds? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
In the event that any additional rounds of applications are held, information on the schedule and process will be posted on this website at that time.
Can I apply for a GV spot even if I have already lived at a different OU student dormitory? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
Yes, you can still apply. However, please note that your time as a resident at the other dormitory will be counted toward your total. International students can stay for up to one year, while students from Japan are required to stay for at least the duration of their academic program.
Are there any women's floors? Minohsemba
There is no girls-only floor. All rooms are single-rooms with locks.
What security measures do you have in place for women students? Minohsemba
Please refer to the above. Also, there is a manager on-site from 8:00-20:00 on Monday-Saturday, and surveillance is carried out using a security camera.
Do I have to go through any additional procedures to get utility (electricity, gas, water) service? Minohsemba
Each room has individual contracts.
Will you take religious or other such considerations into account when assigning rooms or determining how the facilities may be used, etc.? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
We will consider any feasible requests.
With the GV being a shared housing environment, what will the ratio of international students to Japanese students be? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
There will be roughly two international students for each student from Japan.
What sort of experience can I expect to gain by interacting with people from around the world in the GV? Minohsemba
The exchange lounges set up in each floor allow residents to interact with each other.
With the GV being a shared environment where I would be living alongside international students, will I need to have proficiency in a foreign language? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
You do not need to have any foreign language proficiency in order to be considered for a dormitory place. However, having the ability to communicate with international students will benefit the flow of your day-to-day life at the dormitory, and will also make your GV experience more meaningful. More than current language proficiency, what we are looking for most from students interested in living in the GV is a genuine desire to live and interact with international students on an everyday basis.
Can I apply for both Tsukumodai and Minoh? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
Yes, you can apply for both.
If you receive a large number of applications, how will they be judged? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
There is a selection process for international students. For students from Japan, in the event that we receive a large number of applications, places will be assigned by random drawing.
Can I stay short-term (for example, for two weeks)? Tsukumodai and Minohsemba
As a general rule, short-term stays are not permitted.