Osaka University's Global Villages: new living facilities that create and nurture a diverse living environment that gives rise to international interaction, mutual respect, and transcultural communicability to develop globally-focused education, research, and innovation.



The application Method for Tsukumodai Students Dormitory has been updated.
We will start accepting applications for "Apartment Type
(Studio 1K)" of Tower B, for all international students.
The selection schedule for Tsukumodai School Dormitory has been updated.
The selection schedule for Tsukumodai faculty and staff dormitory has been updated.
The selection schedule for Minoh Semba has been updated.
We will start accepting the third selection of the Tsukumodai faculty and staff dormitory.
Notice regarding handling of Tsukumodai staff dormitory (single).
Tsukumodai aculty and staff dormitory Room Information We have updated the internal dimensions.
Recruitment of Tsukumodai school dormitories and Japanese students has started.
We will start accepting the second selection of the Tsukumodai faculty and staff dormitory.
Tsukumodai site layout and floor plan has been released.
[February 15 (Sat)] Tour of Tsukumodai Instractor's home
Information on the primary recruitment of Tsukumodai faculty and staff dormitories has been posted.
The application method for Tsukumodai School Dormitory has been updated.
Website launched.

Message from the Presiden

Message from the President

In 2021, Osaka University celebrates its 90th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies. To welcome the next era of our university, we will open two Global Villages: one at Tsukumodai in October 2020 and another at Minoh Semba in April 2021. This is part of our quest to contribute to social change by being one of the best innovative universities in the world.

The Global Village at Tsukumodai will be an integrated facility with student dormitories and staff housing to allow both local and overseas students to live in the same area as Osaka University faculty and staff. With the implementation of this international living environment, possibilities for active communication and new interactions between people through exchanges with the community will nurture individuals per the university's motto, "Live Locally, Grow Globally."

The Global Village at Minoh Semba will be within the New Minoh Campus, an urban campus that connects the citizens to the world, and is planned as a mixed dormitory where local and overseas students can interact daily. The dormitory will create an environment that serves as the cornerstone for students to study a variety of cultures, understand diversity, and demonstrate the true value of a global society.

Both the Tsukumodai and Minoh Semba villages will promote the globalization of the university's education and research, with the hope that having people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds living together will give rise to innovative co-creation.

NISHIO Shojiro
President, Osaka University


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